All Middos Begin With a Thought

Supplement booklet to the video series of the same name.

130 Pages


How Lashon Hakodesh & Chazal Define Teaching Al Pi Darko

Supplement booklet to the video series of the same name.

56 Pages


Halacha Yomi curriculum featuring a sefer for each grade of elementary school.


​Bullying: A Torah Perspective -- How to Bullyproof Your Children!

Supplement booklet to the video series of the same name.

79 Pages



​Questions on each Passuk in every Parsha in Chumash Bereishis.



The Chumash Outline and Parsha Summaries (English)

This book outlines the entire Chumash and serves as an ideal tool for review. 

152 pages



The Chumash Outline and Parsha Summaries (Hebrew)

Hebrew version of the Chumash Outline and Parsha Summaries. 

108 pages



The Frum Revolution: A Comprehensive Solution to the Off-the-Derech Crisis

An ex-Yeshiva student analyzes the pitfalls inherent in yeshiva elementary school education, and provides the reader with clear, concise, and easy to implement solutions.

Written by Eli Rietti

150 pages. Paperback.


The Health Directives of Maimonides

Rabbi Rietti's bestselling booklet on the Rambam's timeless advice for healthy living.

38 pages. Paperback.


The Mystical Meaning of The Aleph-Bet: The DNA of Creation

A fascinating journey into the hidden and mystical meaning behind Lashon Hakodesh, the Holy Tongue. 

40 pages. Paperback.


The One Minute Masmid

A young Yeshiva student who is unhappy with his progress in learning discovers a master pedagogue who introduces him to a system of learning that dates back as far as the beginnings of the Mishna and Gemara! This book offers clarity to both the beginning learner and advanced student who wants to maximize the return for his learning time.

292 Pages. Paperback.


T'nu Kavod Latorah (Give Honor to the Torah)

A groundbreaking pamphlet by Rabbi Shimon Fuerst on derech halimud. Written in Hebrew.  

24 Pages



The Oral Law: The Heartbeat of The Torah

Answers the most asked questions about the Oral Law, including: 
1. The Divine origin of the Oral Torah. 
2. Its transmission until it was written in the form of the Talmud. 
3. How to understand opposing opinions in the Talmud. 
4. Why G-d did not want the Oral Law to be written.

50 pages


The Taryag Mitzvot Manual

This manual provides a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Taryag Mitzvot in the classroom, as well as for one’s personal study. 

154 pages



Kitzur HaMishna

This handy sefer provides a short outline of each Mishna in Masechtas Berachos and the entire Seder Moed.


Sefer Mitzvos Hamishna

​This book lists the mitzvos contained in each mishna in Shas Mishanyos.

A perfect tool for a Rebbi teaching the "background information" of Mishanyos.

357 pages



Questions on each Mishna in Mishnayos. 

6 volumes



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