Developed by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, the History Timeline gives the student the big picture and context of all his future Torah education by taking him on a visual journey through the 6,000 years of World History based on 43 key events. As the child contemplates this all-encompassing view of history, he can answer to himself: 'Where am I in time?' 'Where do I come from?' 'What happened before me?' 'Where is the world leading?' 'Why am I frum?'

Overview Video

Timeline Manual: A Panoramic View of 6,000 Years

This manual provides a comprehensive curriculum for teaching the Timeline in the classroom.


Timeline: Picture Cards

43 Timeline cards + 20 Prophecy cards.

Available in different sizes (8.5x11, 4x6), regular pictures, and child-friendly stick pictures.


Disc 1: The Emunah Experience: A 6,000 Year Journey Through Your History
•    Live Presentation of the History Timeline


Disc 2: Introduction to Contexual Learning
1.    Hashem's Hashkafa - Hashem's Panoramic View of Reality
2.    Two Components to Learning: Contents & Meaning. Content = Mastery of The Torah & Meaning = Why I am a Torah Jew
3.    How To Give Children Meaning to Their Frum Identity.


Disc 3: Walk Down History 1, 2, & 3
1.    Walk Down History #1: 6,000 Year Journey in Under 10 Minutes!
2.    Walk Down History #2: Topography & Archaeology
3.    Walk Down History #3: Genealogy from Adam till Today


Disc 4: Walk Down History 4, 5, & 6
1.    Walk Down History #4: Matan Torah - The Greatest Event in World History & Greatest Claim Ever Made.
2.    Re-enactment of Yetzias Mitzrayim  
3.    Introduction to Nevua: The Criterion to Know When Nevua is Real
4.    Walk Down History #5: Nevua - 21 Major Nevuos 
5.    Walk Down #6: Migdal Bavel - Lashon HaKodesh, The DNA of Creation & The Mother Tongue of All Languages.


Disc 5: Walk Down History #7 - The Six Great Turning Points of History
The Six Great Turning Points of History:
1.    Creation of The Universe
2.    Creation of Planet Earth
3.    Creation of Man and Hashem's Search for the Tzadik
4.    Yetzias Mitzrayim and Matan Torah
5.    The Prophecies Which Reveal Hashem Continues to Control History
6.    Yemot HaMashiach


Disc 6: Summary of Walk Down History #1 - #7
•    Summary of all the Walks Down History


Disc 7: Practical Applications in the Classroom
1.    The Large Time Line Cards
2.    The Small Time Line Cards
3.    Time Line Banners with pictures, beads, name markers, number markers.
4.    Children Make Their Own Time Lines
5.    Dor L'Dor Timeline (R’ Wachsman), Time Line & Time Line Display (R’ Black), Time Line of the Mishkan & Bet Hamikdash & Time Line of Jewish History (R’ Haber)  


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