The Lashon Hatorah program helps the child become an independent translator of the Hebrew language by learning: 


1. The 303 "Shorashim" Root-words

2. The Prefixes/Suffixes


Of the 16,000 words in Chumash Bereishis, 80% are variations of the same 303 root-words. When these 303 shorashim are combined with a working knowledge of the Prefixes/Suffixes, the student will be able to independently translate over 80% of the words in Chumash Bereishis.


We recommend starting with the Climbing Har Sinai Workbook and Vocabulary Flash Cards for vocabulary, and Prefixes/Suffixes Bookmark, Flashcards, and Rabbi Winder's Workbooks for Prefix/Suffixes. These materials will give your child a solid foundation for achieving true reading independence in Hebrew.

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Book: Lashon Hatorah Manual

This manual shows how to teach/learn the two elements of the Lashon Hatorah Program: 

1. 303 Shorashim

2. Prefixes/Suffixes


Prefixes/Suffixes Bookmark

Bookmark outline of the essential Prefixes/Suffixes.



Prefixes/Suffixes Workbooks by Rabbi Winder

A student who masters Rabbi Winder's workbooks will have mastered Lashon Hakodesh.

There are three sets:

  • Prefix/Suffix workbooks for younger grades. Set of 5, Aleph - Hey.

  • Prefix/Suffix workbooks for older grades. Set of 3.

  • Parshat Lech Lecha workbooks. Set of 2.


$14.95 each workbook

Prefixes/Suffixes Flashcards

Flashcards for the Prefixes/Suffixes.


Prefixes/Suffixes Sorting-Cards

Matching cards for the 4 Grammar banners.


Prefixes/Suffixes Wall Banners

Wall banner version of the Lashon Hatorah Prefix/Suffix grammar banners.


Prefixes/Suffixes: The Color-Coded Chumash

The Color-Coded Chumash shows the first three Parshas in Bereishis, with the prefixes and suffixes color-coded according to the four banners.


Prefixes/Suffixes: Grammar Symbols Kit

The 3-D Grammar-Symbols help bridge the gap between the abstract world of language and grammar. 


Climbing Har Sinai Workbook

Workbook for learning the 303 shorashim sequentially as they appear in the Chumash!


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Flashcards

Learn the 303 essential Hebrew shorashim sequentially as the appear in the Chumash!

Hebrew/English translation on back

Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

Playing-card size and quality


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Cards—4"x6" Larger Size for Classrooms

303 Shorashim cards with Chassidish and Litvish-friendly pictures

Hebrew/English translation on back

Size: 4"x6"

Includes the Prefix/Suffix flashcards


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Cards—Yiddish Version

303 Shorashim cards with Chassidish-friendly pictures

Hebrew/Yiddish translation on back

Size: 4"x6"


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Matching Cards

Size: 2.75"x3.75"


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Expansion Kit

Provides four matching cards for each vocabulary word: English, Hebrew, Passuk, and Picture.


Climbing Har Sinai Vocabulary Dominoes

Domino card game for the 303 vocabulary shorashim.


Drawers for the Vocabulary-Dominoes

Plastic cabinet with 30 drawers that is a good fit for the Vocabulary-Dominoes. 

Drawers only. No cards included.

Sold from

$30 Approx

Lashon Hatorah Dice

Dice for all 303 Vocabulary words, and the Prefixes/Suffixes


Lashon Hatorah Yedids



Fun "domino" game for learning Gematria!

Includes 60 envelopes of domino-cards in a metal-mesh container.

Manual sold separately.


Gematria-Dominoes Manual

Manual for how to use the Gematria Dominoes.


Drawers for the Gematria-Dominoes

Plastic cabinet with 60 drawers that is a good fit for the Gematria Dominoes.

Drawers only. No cards included.

Sold from

$40 Approx

Got-it Gematria Cards

Fun game for learning Gematria!


Lashon Hatorah Command Cards

Helps the child systematically 'blend' his knowledge of the Shorashim and Prefixes/Suffixes.

Manual sold separately.


Command Cards Manual

Manual for how to use the Command Cards