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The Chumash Memory-System (developed by Rabbi Rietti) is a simple system for memorizing all the chapters in the Chumash, along with the essential information of each chapter. This system is an excellent complement to actual Chumash learning, boosting the student's self-esteem and confidence in his own memory as he learns the outline of the entire Chumash.

Overview Video

Book: Chumash Outline and Parsha Summaries

This book outlines the entire Chumash. Each Parsha is outlined by brief "headlines" for each chapter, and each chapter is then outlined by a brief summary of its contents. 


Disc 1: Introduction to the Storyline of Chumash – Part 1

  • The 3 Foundational Skills

  • The Structure of Chumash

  • The Structure of Mishna

  • The Structure of Gemara and Legal/Halacha Codes

  • The Benefits of Learning the Story Line of Chumash


Disc 2: Introduction to the Storyline of Chumash – Part 2

  • The Materials for Learning the The Story Line of Chumash

  • The Chumash Map

  • The Time Line of Chumash

  • The Parsha Summaries

  • The Chumash Memory System Manual

  • The Chumash Picture Cards


Disc 3: How to Create Files in Your Brain for Bereishis Chapters 1 - 9

  • Rhyming System to Memorize Bereishis Chapters 1 - 9

  • The Supporting Materials for Memorizing Chumash


Disc 4: How to Create Files in Your Brain for Bereishis Chapters 10 - 50


Disc 5: Bereishis 10 - 29


Disc 6: Bereishis 30 – 50

Disc 7: Shemos 1 – 20

Disc 8: Shemos 21 – 40

Disc 9: Vayikra 1 – 18

Disc 10: Vayikra 19 – 27


Disc 11: Bamidbar 1 – 18

Disc 12: Bamidbar 19 – 36

Disc 13: Devarim 1 – 10

Disc 14: Devarim 11 – 19

Disc 15: Devarim 20 – 25

Disc 16: Devarim 26 - 34


Chumash Outline: Stick-Picture Cards (including Sefer Yehoshua)

These cards provide a child-friendly stick-picture for each Perek in the Chumash!

The back of the card contains a summary of the Perek.


**Updated August 19, 2018**

Now including Index Cards and Sefer Yehoshua!


Contains two sets of one-sided cards: one set is picture only, and the other set is text only.

The child must match the two.


Chumash Outline: Parsha Sorting-Cards

Cards for each Parsha for the child to sort in sequence!


Book: Chumash Memory-System Manual

This manual describes how to use the Chumash Memory-System in the classroom, and contains an outline "matrix" of the memory and stick-picture cards.


Disc 1:

1. Mechanics of Memory
2. The LOAR of Memory
3. The Power of Visualization


Disc 2:

1. How Much of Chumash/Nach is Storytelling?
2. How Much of Mishnayos is Visual Information?
3. The Memory Olympics
4. Memory Palaces
5. How Memory-Systems can Improve Self-Esteem
6. Memorize Bereishis with Multiple Intelligences


Chumash Memory-System: Memory Cards

This set of cards is used as a skeleton-system for memorizing the storyline of every perek in the entire Chumash.


Chumash Memory-System: Got-It Memory Game

Fun game for learning the Memory-System codes!


Chumash Memory System "Fortune-Teller" Yedids


Map of Chumash: English

Outline map of all the Perakim in the Chumash.

English version.

11"x17" laminated.


Map of Chumash: Hebrew

Outline map of all the Perakim in the Chumash.

Hebrew version.

11"x17" laminated.


Chumash Memory-System: Dice


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