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The Living Tefila Program

Book: Living Tefila Manual

This manual provides instruction for bringing the Living Tefila program into the classroom.


Book: The Color Coded Siddur

The Color-Coded Siddur contains the essential portions of Sharachris and Birkas Hamazon, with the prefixes and suffixes color-coded according to the four banners.


Video: Living Tefila Teacher Training Series: (4 Videos)

Introduction to the Living Tefila Teacher Training Video series.


Video: Living Tefila Teacher Training: (Video 1 of 4)

Video 1:

1. Defining Tefila
2. The Mitzvah of Tefila in The Torah
3. What is Avoda of the Lev? 
4. What is the Context of Tefila in the Torah? 
5. Why did Chazal change the original form of Tefila into pre-scripted Siddur?

6. The 6 Buildling Blocks of Tefila: 

7. Defining Tefila & Where it is commanded in the Torah.


Video: Living Tefila Teacher Training: (Video 2 of 4)

Video 2:

1. Defining Avoda of the Lev: Discipline of the Mind
2. The Context of the Mitzvah of Tefilah: Right Next to the Command to Love Hashem.
3. Why did Chazal Change the Original Form of Tefila into the pre-scripted Siddur? 
4. What are the 5 Goals of Tefila?


Video: Living Tefila Teacher Training: (Video 3 of 4)

Video 3:

1. The 6 Building Blocks of How to Teach Tefila
2. The Meaning of the Word ‘Baruch’
3. The Meaning of the Word ‘Atah’
4. The Meaning of the Hashem’s Name YKVK
5. The Meaning of the Word ‘Elokeinu/Elokim’
6. The Meaning of the Word ‘Melech’ & ‘Haolam’
7. The Power of Ten
8. The Meaning of the Word ‘Asher’
9. The Meaning of the Word ‘Kideshanu’


Video: Living Tefila Teacher Training: (Video 4 of 4)

Video 4:

1. Messages in Tefila.
2. Messages in Modeh Ani.
3. Messages in Netilas Yadayim. Gratitude for Our Hands
4. Gratitude for Water
5. Rav Wolbe on the danger of children learning to daven mechanically 
6. Professor Emoto’s Water Crystals demonstrate how water responds to our speech!
7. Asher Yatzar


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